Game Jam




Role: Developer / Game Designer / Level Designer

Event : Global Game Jam      Duration : 48 hours
Platform : Windows Technology : Unity3D

Global Game Jam Main Theme 2018: “Transmission”.

Members of the team:

  • Habib Bakas : 2D/3D Artist
  • Nathalie Provenzano-Martinez : Game Director / Game designer
  • Alexis Laugier : Compositeur / Sound designer
  • Clément Dubois : Game design / Level design / Developer




Role: Developer / Game Designer / Graphic Designer

Event : Emotional Game Jam      Duration : 48 hours
Platform : Android     Technology : Unity3D

Emotional Game Jam Main Theme 2017: “Lose & Find”.
This theme could take place in the following fields: Love, but also and not only, Time, Space and Frontiers.
Secondary Theme given  after 24 hours: “Never Ending“.LostSoul takes place in a infinite space where a eye shaped creature travels alone and meaninglessly. On his way, it will meet another creature of his kind which becomes its beloved half. It has to protect it throughout their journey to a better place. They will never reach that place…The game design is based on the Main Theme (Lose & Find) by interlocking three game loops at three different size levels.Everytime, the player may Find then Lose something : Love / Fuel / Energygameloop_lostsoulIn order to create an endless loop, if a character dies, the player will play its love instead and so on.

Members of the team:

  • Clément Dubois – Developer/Game Designer/Graphic Designer
  • Alexy Laugier – Sound Designer



Role: Developer / Game Designer

Event : Global Game Jam      Duration : 48 hours
Platform : Web browser     Technology : Unity3D

Global Game Jam Theme 2016 : “Ritual”

Protocol>Out is a close look on robot rituals which takes place in a computing fantasy universe. In 48 hours, the team made a prototype of our game. The player plays a robot who tries to escape from his ritual. In order to avoid being detected as a threat by the system, the robot will have to hide in the rituals of other robots.

Members of the team:

  • Clément Dubois – Developer/Game Designer
  • Elian Jeune – 2D Artist/Game Designer
  • Fog Ryu – 2D Artist/Game Designer
  • Ulrich Maillot – 2D Artist


What do we do now?


Role: Developer / Game Designer / Graphic Designer / Sound Designer

Event : Global Game Jam      Duration : 48 hours
Platform : Windows     Technology : MMF2

Global Game Jam Theme 2015 : “What do we do now?”.

The sentence of “What do we do now?” expresses “Distress” from my perspective, so I decided to base the game on an unexpected situation which looks lost already.

As it happens, the game is a Shoot’em up in which the player plays a fighter plane with no ammunition.

Once the problem is defined, it’s easier to find smart solutions. Here, the game is based on the player movements. By moving around, the player incites opponents to shoot each other.
The only ability given to the player is a “bullet time” which helps to dodge opponents’ bullets.

Members of the team:

  • Clément Dubois – Developer/Game Designer/Graphic Designer/Sound Designer


La mécanique des lumières

Game Challenge Award


Role: Game Designer

Event : Game Challenge      Duration : 72 hours
Platform : Android         Technology : Unity3D

“La Mécanique des Lumières” is a multiplayer board party game which uses physical cards and a tablet.

The theme was a short excerpt from the movie “Blade Runner”bladerunneroeil

The game had to follow 5 additional rules :

  • The game includes a touch-sensitive function.
  • The game shows a fixed shot with only one vanishing point.
  • The game includes a procedural generation.
  • The game mixes physical and virtual elements.
  • The game includes an item with 3 functions at least.


Our team consisted of:

  • Clément Dubois – Game Designer
  • Jordan Paturel – Game Designer
  • Victor Viletier – Graphic Designer
  • Juliette Ruaux – Graphic Designer
  • Sebastien Mai-Nhu – Sound Designer
  • Franck-Olivier Filin – Developer
  • Kévin Rault – Developer
  • Kévin Drure – Developer
  • Diane Primault – Developer


The recompense was awarded by the city of Montpellier and the Game Challenge jury.

Members of the jury :

  • Aurélie DEBANT (Game Designer, Ubisoft Montreal)
  • Chris FOSTER (Design Director, Harmonix)
  • Christophe HERAL (Composer and Sound Designer, Ubisoft Montpellier)
  • Jonathan MINTZ (Senior Designer, Harmonix)
  • Kaermack POLEWSKA (Game Designer, Ubisoft Montreal)


The Final Fight


Role: Game Designer / Graphic Designer / Sound Designer

Event : Retro Game Jam      Duration : 32 hours
Platform : Windows    Technology : MMF2

“The Final Fight” is a 2D fighting game. In this game, you play as a giant robot and you will be able to fire bullets in order to beat your opponent.

Each character has his/her own special ability which is unlocked depending on the number of health points you have. The more health points you lose, the more often you can use your special ability.

The theme was to create a game, based on “Transformers : Age of Extinction“‘s Intellectual Property, as 1982 video game developers. So we selected a 1982 hardware, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, then we adapted our game to its technical specifications.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum’s technical specifications :

  • screen resolution : 192px / 256px
  • 2 colors by square in a grid of 8 by 8 pixels


  • 16 colors


Members of the team:

  • Clément Dubois – Game Designer / Graphic Designer / Sound Designer
  • Emilie Breslavetz – Game Designer / Developer


Time Trip


Role: Game Designer

Event : Game Pratic Duration : 48 hours
Platform : Windows / iOS / Linux      Technology : Unity3D

“Time Trip” is a 2D music rhythm game. The player must match inputs that scroll on screen to move through the Languedoc Roussillon landscape. For each level, the player may discover cultural heritage of this region, such as “La maison carré” or “La révolte viticole” in Aude in 1907.


The theme was “transport system” and we must show the cultural heritage of the Languedoc Roussillon region. At each level, the player may travel through age and space by train or other period transport system.


Between every level, the player will improve his/her vehicle.

Members of the team:

  • Clément Dubois – Game Designer
  • Kamil Nahouri – Game Designer
  • Jimmy Szezur – Graphic Designer
  • Camille Rendon – Graphic Designer
  • Christophe Sauveur – Developer
  • Caroline Imbert – Communication Manager

Members of the judging panel:

  • Simon Bachelier (One Life Remains, G4C Europe)
  • Jurie Horneman (Tequila Works, Arkane, Rockstar Games)
  • David Mekersa (Casual Box, PixLR)
  • Laurent Michaud (IDATE)
  • Agnès Demé (Région Languedoc Roussillon)
  • Damien Djaouti (Ludoscience, UM2)


La Vision de Flibidi


Role: Game Designer

Event : Global Game Jam Duration : 48h
Platform : Web Browser     Technology : Adobe Flash

“La Vision de Flibidi” is a 2D co-op survival game. 3 players will play as a primary color each. They defend a central point against waves of opponents.


All the players are sharing the same controller in order to create funny moments (party game) and to improve the cooperation feeling.


The theme was : “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are“.
It inspires us to do a game based on vision, and additive synthesis.


Each opponent has a additive color attached to it. List of additive colors: Green, Blue, Red, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White. By lighting up an opponent with a color ray of the same color as the opponent, you destroy it.
For instance, destroying a white opponent requires the three players to light up the same opponent in the same time. This way, by combining their light rays they will create a white light ray.


In the event, we also created a custom controller by recycling a pizza box and several electrical spare parts.


Members of the team:

  • Romain Berbion – Graphic Designer
  • Pierre Backes – Game Designer
  • Clément Dubois – Game Designer / Sound Design
  • Alexis Martin – Developer
  • Pierre-Alexandre Cimbe – Developer
  • Maryan Ludwiczak – Developer
  • Bastien de l’Hermite- Sound Design
  • Renard96 – Sound Design